Spectrum Water Technology offers a complete line of wastewater treatment chemicals to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your wastewater treatment process. We devise customized solutions for both industrial and municipal wastewater clients to improve wastewater treatment processes, reduce costs, and solve compliance problems. Accordingly, Spectrum can provide everything from defoamers and flocculants to inorganic and organic coagulants and filter aids. The experienced wastewater specialists at Spectrum Water Technology are standing by to help you improve and succeed in a challenging regulatory environment. We maintain extensive knowledge of both wastewater treatment chemicals and equipment, and we’re here to help clients across many different industries develop innovative solutions to their wastewater challenges. If you need to improve your wastewater treatment process or have questions about our products, please contact the wastewater experts at Spectrum today for a complimentary consultation on your specific challenges.


Spectrum Water Technology can provide any and all wastewater treatment chemicals to improve your facility’s wastewater treatment process. Here are the most common types of wastewater treatment chemicals that we provide:


Liquid and dry products to improve clarification, flotation, and solids dewatering


Products (including food-grade defoamers) to eliminate foam from all processes


Organic and inorganic products to help improve TSS, BOD, oil, grease, and metals removal


Custom organic and inorganic blends that meet environmental standards, reduce waste volume, and save money on sludge disposal.


Industrial and municipal wastewater professionals come to Spectrum Water Technology for different reasons. First and foremost, Spectrum is a preferred wastewater treatment chemical provider because we help our clients dramatically reduce chemical spending. We offer more affordable chemical pricing than our competitors, and we can even resupply your wastewater treatment chemicals on a monthly basis, like a subscription.

There are many benefits to Spectrum’s comprehensive line of wastewater treatment chemicals beyond price, of course. Spectrum Water Technology has a wastewater laboratory that gives us the unique ability to study our clients’ unique wastewater streams and formulate the ideal chemical solution to their treatment challenges.

We use custom blends of wastewater treatment chemicals to assist municipal and industrial wastewater plants with disposal of high-strength wastewater; eliminating wastewater discharge permit exceedances; overcoming wastewater process upsets due to elevated loading, toxic events, turnarounds, and cleanings; processing of opportunity feedstocks; improving performance of clarifiers after a biological treatment process, reducing surcharges for sending water to a publically owned treatment works (POTW); and much more.

Our goal is always to improve wastewater efficiency, and we take pride in our ability to prescribe the perfect wastewater treatment chemical regimen for your unique wastewater stream.


Spectrum Water Technology’s wastewater treatment chemicals are a critical part of our comprehensive solutions for sludge dewatering in a wide variety of industries. Here are some of the facilities and businesses we commonly serve:

Oil Refineries

Petrochemical Plants

Pulp and Paper Mills

Biofuel Plants

Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) Facilities

Wash Out Facilities

Municipal Wastewater Plants

Engineering Firms

Food and Beverage