Any time there is wastewater discharging from a pipe or other point source into a public waterway (such as a river, lake, or even intermittent stream), the producer of that waste will be subject to the Clean Water Act’s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program. Common NPDES wastewater sources include POTWs. Spectrum Water Technology works with POTWs and other point sources to help maintain reliable compliance with the law and avoid illegally polluting local bodies of water.

POTWs/FOTWs must meet all of the requirements necessary to remain in compliance with their state NPDES or Federal NPDES permits. Permittees are required to take all reasonable steps to minimize or prevent any discharges, sludge use, or disposal in violation of the permit if it has a reasonable likelihood of adversely affecting human health or the environment. If your facility is experiencing difficulties in maintaining permit compliance or needs assistance minimizing discharge, Spectrum Water Technology can help.

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Spectrum Water Technology has the resources and expertise to analyze and diagnose any challenges with point-source wastewater discharge. We can examine your facility’s entire wastewater process from beginning to end in order to discover inefficiencies and opportunities. Our goal is to keep our clients in compliance and to reduce their costs. Here are some of the common challenges we work with POTWs and FOTWs to solve:

  • Disposal of High-Strength Wastewater
  • Improving Wastewater Efficiency to Allow Processing of Opportunity Feedstocks
  • Wastewater Discharge Permit Exceedances
  • Turnaround/Cleaning Wastewater Unsuitable for Processing Through Existing Treatment Facilities

Spectrum offers complimentary consultations to POTWs and other public and private point-source wastewater clients to address their specific challenges.

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Spectrum Water Technology is the only wastewater services provider that can offer a top-to-bottom turnkey solution to your effluent problems. Discover how our point source treatment services can eliminate bug kills and help maintain compliance.
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Spectrum Water Technology’s wastewater treatment chemicals are a critical part of our comprehensive solutions for sludge dewatering in a wide variety of industries. Here are some of the facilities and businesses we commonly serve:

Oil Refineries

Petrochemical Plants

Pulp and Paper Mills

Biofuel Plants

Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) Facilities

Wash Out Facilities

Municipal Wastewater Plants

Engineering Firms

Food and Beverage