Wastewater typically contains a wide variety of organic matter, such as garbage, waste, and partially digested foods. It also often contains pathogenic organisms, heavy metals, and toxins. The goal of biological wastewater treatment is to maintain a system in which the results of decomposition are easily collected for proper disposal. Spectrum Water Technology provides biological treatment services that are both effective and also more economical than many mechanical or chemical processes.

The wastewater technicians at Spectrum Water Technology are experts in both aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment processes. We have the tools and the experience to control and refine both aerobic and anaerobic biological processes to achieve optimal removal of organic substances from both industrial and municipal wastewater. Our biological treatment products comprise of various strains of bacteria chosen for their ability to degrade specific wastes.

Spectrum Water Technology develops customized biological treatment formulas to solve our clients’ process challenges. With a sample of your sludge, we can formulate custom nutrient and bacterial blends to maintain a viable biological population for optimal wastewater treatment. Unless properly maintained, biological wastewater processes can be upset due to elevated loading, toxic events, turnarounds, and cleanings, running opportunity crudes and process feeds. Contact the wastewater experts at Spectrum today for a complimentary consultation on your specific biological treatment challenges.


Spectrum Water Technology’s line of biological wastewater treatment products includes custom nutrient blends and custom bacterial blends. Analyzing the potential need for these products and the direction of their implementation in a wastewater system is core to Spectrum’s ability to analyze a wastewater process and create a path for efficiency, optimization, and/or cost savings.


Macronutrients are utilized in the microbial process for cell development. The uptake of both nitrogen and phosphate can be modeled based on mathematical analysis or modeled for a facility based on treatability work. From these studies, a targeted blend of nutrients will be recommended for your specific facility.


Spectrum makes use of wastewater laboratory tools to identify specific bacterial formulations for clients’ water treatment needs, which can include conventional wastewater, turnkey waste treatment projects, point source treatment, and soil remediation. In addition to the lab treatability services, Spectrum can evaluate the need for bacterial additions using conventional screens such as microscopic exams, respiration rates, and an energy carrier for all life, Adenosine Triphosphate. We will take inventory of products chosen for your site and ship for immediate delivery.


  • Disposal of Solids and Waste Reduction Efforts
  • Improving Wastewater Efficiency to Allow Processing of Opportunity Feedstocks
  • Eliminating Wastewater Discharge Permit Exceedances
  • Overcoming Wastewater Process Upsets
  • Improving Performance of Clarifiers After Biological Treatment
  • Reducing Surcharges for Sending Water to a POTW

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Spectrum Water Technology’s wastewater treatment chemicals are a critical part of our comprehensive solutions for sludge dewatering in a wide variety of industries. Here are some of the facilities and businesses we commonly serve:

Oil Refineries

Petrochemical Plants

Pulp and Paper Mills

Biofuel Plants

Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) Facilities

Wash Out Facilities

Municipal Wastewater Plants

Engineering Firms

Food and Beverage