Spectrum’s Phase Separator Box Demo Trailer

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As a Spectrum representative, you stand on the front lines, not only telling the world about what we do, but also how we do it better than anyone else. Your role is vital to our continued growth, and in order to help you succeed, we have created the Phase Separator Box Demo Trailer that is available for you to bring with you to the next tradeshow or conference you attend.

The demo trailer is equipped with a fully-functioning 5yd Phase Separator Box that allows you to show your guests Spectrum’s dewatering technology – live and in real-time. The demo trailer includes a pump and generator, and the box is designed with windows on the outside to give everyone the opportunity to view the dewatering process step-by-step.

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DJI 0246 B

In order to reserve the demo trailer for a tradeshow or conference, you must ensure there is:

  • At least 2,500 gallons of wastewater to de-water
  • A place to pull sludge from (digester, basin, etc.)
  • Water available to make down the polymer
  • A polymer to inject into the feed pump (Spectrum can provide if needed)
  • A place to dump the dried cake the following day (Spectrum is not permitted to haul dried cake)
  • Representatives from multiple plants attending (out-of-state demos ONLY)
  • At least one 110V electrical outlet available and safe for use
Interested in bringing the demo trailer with you to your next tradeshow or conference?

Contact Glenn Massey at glenn@spectrumwater.com

for more information and to reserve the demo trailer.