Spectrum Water Technology is a full-service wastewater solutions company. We can provide everything your organization needs to improve your wastewater treatment processes and performance in order to eliminate exceedences and stay compliant with all regulations, including customizable wastewater treatment equipment, chemicals, biological blends, laboratory services, and expert personnel. No matter your wastewater challenges, Spectrum is standing by to help you overcome them. Our process typically starts with a complimentary consultation on your needs. We will use our wastewater industry expertise and the analysis of our in-house wastewater lab to diagnose any issues with your sludge or waste and recommend a custom package of products and services to accomplish your wastewater treatment goals. Our ability to analyze your complete process, then build and mobilize turnkey solutions with state-of-the-art products is unique in our industry. Spectrum is the partner that businesses and municipalities need to overcome challenges in wastewater treatment and solids separation.


Spectrum Our Process Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Treatment Chemicals

Spectrum Water Technology offers a complete line of wastewater treatment chemicals to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your wastewater treatment process.
Spectrum Our Process Biological Treament Products

Biological Treatment

Spectrum Water Technology provides biological treatment products that are both effective and also more economical than many mechanical or chemical processes.
Spectrum Industries Temporary and Permanet Treatment

Wastewater Treatments

From mobile aeration tanks to plant parts to complete, permanent waste treatment systems, we can repair, replace, or redesign your permanent or temporary treatment system.
Spectrum Our Process Dewatering Eqipment

Dewatering Equipment

Spectrum offers a full suite of dewatering equipment for sale and rent as well as service to fit your unique project needs and budget.
Spectrum Our Process Testing Consulting

Wastewater Testing and Consulting

Thanks to our in-house wastewater lab, Spectrum Water Technology can define a superior treatment plan and/or a solids removal and dewatering process for your specific needs.
Spectrum Our Process Point Source

Point Source Wastewater Treatment

Spectrum Water Technology works with POTWs and other point sources to help maintain reliable compliance with the law and avoid illegally polluting local bodies of water.
Spectrum Our Process Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

Spectrum uses chemical cleaning processes to eliminate debris, scale, oxides, and oil from your plant or facility.
Spectrum Our Process BRD

Beneficial Reuse

Spectrum works with clients across the U.S. to find end-use customers for surplus products and chemical byproducts so that they stop costing our clients money and never go to waste again.
Spectrum Lagoon Banner SMALL v2

Wastewater Lagoons

Spectrum Water Technology is an experienced wastewater lagoon service provider ready to return your lagoon to peak operation.