Phase Separator Hopper

The self-dumping phase separator is a hopper with a stainless steel screen covering the entire inside of the container. The screen is supported by steel grating, so there is a space between the wall and bottom of the container and the screen. There are two 2-inch drains at floor level. A polypropylene felt or other type of filter cloth is installed in the container, covering the entire surface of the screen.

This filter cloth is inexpensive, disposable, incinerable, nontoxic and nonhazardous.

Outstanding Advantages

  1. Use of disposable filter versus fixed filter eliminates a plugging problem and container dumps out clean.
  2. Largest filtration surface area in the industry that speeds dewatering.
  3. Unitized to facilitate handling of quantities from a few cubic feet to thousands of cubic yards.
  4. Unit design facilitates dewatering materials that cannot be pumped due to lumps, chunks or extraneous material inclusions. Works well on materials that might be dug and loaded for dewatering and drying.
  5. Units are available in many sizes and may be custom designed or modified to be compatible with customers' needs. Standard units are 1 to 5 cu. yd. self-dumping Hoppers.
  6. Unit minimizes treatment and handling of materials before and after dewatering or drying. Solids are retained in unit and are ready to be transported.
  7. Unit may be used to recover product or process solids for reclaim, direct shipping, dewatering, drying, etc... This eliminates some additional handling, intermediate packaging and contamination.