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We have designed our company and our website to be as friendly to the user as it can possible be. Please navigate through to see what we have in store for you and your team. Please also contact us by any means you prefer, and if your preference is to speak to one of our team members, please contact us immediately. We will discuss your potential needs and can visit your site to determine if our approach is what’s best for you.

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I would like to send you my gratitude towards the customer service you provide. Spectrum always goes above and beyond to teach, not only to service your products. The bottom line is that Spectrum is reliable, dependable and appreciative of their customers.

Brynn Brown

Our experience with the dewatering unit overall has been very good. Our plant treats an average of about 800,00 gallons per day and it has proven to be a good value for a sewer plant of our size. Looking forward, I think the greatest value to using the dewatering box is going to be their portability and the possibility of operating two or more in tandem, depending on the sludge production of the plant. With more permanent installations, upgrading them to suit increased production can prove to be much more costly.

Christopher E. Liddicoat

Winchester Utilities currently uses a Spectrum hydraulic tipping stand dewatering container for the purpose of dewatering sanitary sewer treatment plant sludge. This box has been in use since Spetember 2007 and has performed wonderfully. The ownership and staff of Spectrum were extreamly helpful in the setup and implementation of the unit, and with customer support afterwards.

Jason Allman

The professionals at Spectrum Water Technology have never attempted to tell me that they are the industry leader in Water and Wastewater process services. Instead, they let their consitent actions speak for themselves by providing superior customer service and high quality products at extreamly competitive prices. Spectrum Water Technology leads their industry by taking great pride in continuously delivering beyond customer expectations and by their approach to earn my business with each and every excellent interaction.

Todd Hoover